Mt Wellington (Kunanyi)

Standing 1,270m tall, Mt Wellington lies directly behind Hobart and provides it a majestic slumbering backdrop. The towering table mountain provides spectacular views of the city below and to the east, the Derwent estuary, and also glimpses of the World Heritage Area nearly 100 kilometres (62 mi) west. A sunny clear day would be the best for stunning view of the scenery.

The kunanyi is frequently covered in snow, sometimes even in summer. Beside Mt Wellington, the other peaks in the Wellington range are the Sleeping Beauty, Collins Cap and Cathedral Rock.

The most predominant feature of the Pinnacle is the cliff of dolerite columns known as the Organ Pipes.

There are a range of activities for every visitor – bushwalking, mountain bike riding, orienteering, trail biking, abseiling, picnics, barbecues and sightseeing from the many spectacular vantage points. The historic Pipeline Track is a well-known longer walk, as is the Wellington Range for horse riders and mountain bikers.

Wellington Park 

Wellington Park is just over 18 250ha in size (1 hectare per 10 000 m²) making it one of the largest reserved areas in the state of Tasmania outside of the World Heritage Area. The Park is 30km from east to west and has a perimeter of 139km.

There are many ways to enjoy the beautiful natural features of the park, including walking tracks that lead into the park from the city and suburbs. Walks range from easy strolls to tough climbs through cool forests and past springs, cascades, waterfalls and the soaring dolerite columns of the Organ Pipes. The cliffs here are also perfect for rock climbing and abseiling.

Mt Wellington – Timings and Access

A sealed narrow road runs to the summit from Hobart CBD. A short 25-min drive from the centre will take you to this wilderness experience; alternatively, the Hobart Shuttle Bus Company runs daily two-hour tours to the summit.

Wellington Park is open all day, every day and there is no entry fee. The open air lookouts at the summit can be accessed any time.

The pinnacle observation shelter and toilets at the summit of kunanyi / Mount Wellington have timing restrictions and it is advisable to check ahead .

Mt Wellington – Food

A small cafe called “Lost Freight” is now operating at the Springs. It operates everyday except Mondays.

A mobile food van operates at The Springs from Wednesday to Sunday.

Mt Wellington – Weather

Be prepared for extreme conditions whether visiting on foot or by car. Don’t forget to pack warm clothes, even in summer, as it is likely to be at least 8°C colder on the top of the mountain than in Hobart, and a lot more windy and chilly.


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