Salamanca Markets & Salamanca Place

No visit to Tasmania is complete without visiting the iconic Salamanca Markets and Salamanca Place. These Georgian sandstone facades of historic warehouses welcome million of tourists each year looking for an authentic Tasmanian tourism experience.

Salamanca Place

Built between 1835 and 1860 on Sullivan’s Cove, the handsome historic sandstone buildings of Salamanca Place are steeped in heritage charm. Formerly warehouses for the port of Hobart Town, the Salamanca centre is now a combined arts hub made up of converted studio paces, performance venues, restaurants, galleries, craft shops, offices and retail spaces.

The Salamanca Square was built in mid-1990s. At the eastern end of Salamanca, old wheat silos have been converted into a large apartment complex. The centrepiece fountain and its lawns are flanked on either side with shops, cafes, bars and eateries popular with both tourists and locals.

Salamanca Arts Centre

The Salamanca Arts Centre is home to various arts organisations and individuals, including shops, galleries, studios, performing-arts venues and versatile public spaces. If  you’re looking to find an original Australian memento, then this is a great place to shop around because you’ll find everything from sculptures, paintings, glasswork and textiles to jewellery and photography; whatever you take home will certainly have that quintessential Aussie memory.

The Arts Centre runs regular film and writers festivals, public dance and music events, and craft and art gallery exhibitions. Be sure to check out their website to see what interests you. One of the most enjoyed events is Rektango – free live music and dancing, in the Courtyard on Fridays. You definitely don’t want to miss it!

Salamanca Markets

Hobart’s iconic Salamanca markets are held every Saturday. Ranked as one of the most popular tourist attractions visited each year, these markets bring together more than 300 artisans, musicians and producers with beautiful handcrafted goods, unique fabrics and delicious local produce. You’ll find buskers singing a lively folk song or strumming in to add to the lively atmosphere. If there is only one thing you can do in your trip, then choose to celebrate Tasmania’s unique culture in a carnival like atmosphere at this street market.

Salamanca Market are held outdoors at Salamanca Place every Saturday, except for Christmas Day or Anzac Day when the market is held on Sunday. The market runs from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm – rain, hail or shine.

Side note: Are you keen on other popular markets? Here are some other weekly markets and events that might interest you.

Salamanca Place and Salamanca Market Parking

If you’re exploring Salamanca on any day other than a Saturday (when the market is in full swing), Salamanca Place offers plenty of open parking spaces on the docks off Castray Esplanade. You can also choose to park on the lower ground level car park in Montpelier Street.

Parking near Salamanca Place on market day can be a little bothersome at times. You could park in the streets between the city centre and the docks, on the docks themselves or on Hunter Street on the opposite of the docks from Salamanca. Another option, a bit costlier albeit a bit easier would be  to park at the largish office car park on Montpelier Street used on Saturdays for market parking.

What’s nearby Salamanca Place?

Sullivans Cove

Sullivans Cove holds large historical and sentimental value for Hobart. The Cove area is now known as Macquarie Wharf and serves as Hobart’s main port. Back in 1830s, this was a hub for whaling industries; the huge cauldrons to boil whale oil can still be seen in Salamanca Square.

St. David’s Park

This is a beautiful English style walled park in the middle of Hobart and a wonderful reminder of its colonial past.  Amidst magnificent memorials and huge trees, the paths meander through lawns offering seats and shade. It is a great place to take a stroll, an afternoon nap or to have a weekend picnic.

Parliament House

A grand Georgian style building originally designed as a customs house in 1841. Free guided tours start at 10:00am when Parliament is not sitting, otherwise you can visit the public gallery.

Princes Park

A very popular regional park and playground , known as the ‘boat park’, perfect for kids and families.

Battery Point

The beautiful suburb of Battery Point has a large number of historic houses dating from the first European settlement of ‘Hobart Town’. Stroll along the ‘Hampden Road’ gazing at the frontages of some wonderful old buildings to perfection or dine it at some of the quaint little cafes.

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